White Supremacists Use Victimhood to Recruit

August 13, 2018 8:49 am

White Supremacists Use Victimhood to Recruit

Unite the Right 2.0 organizer Jason Kessler and other White Supremacists were escorted by D.C. police onto a “private” Metro car and then out of the train station and on toward their rally at Lafayette Square.

#StayWoke White supremacists have carefully crafted victim ideology.  Victimhood is how they’ve assured themselves they weren’t being racist—the excuse being that, hey, they’re suffering too. A sense of victimhood is exactly what White Supremacists use to grow their cause.

White supremacists believe

that whites are victims of discrimination – they think civil rights movement has tipped the balance in favor of Blacks

that their right to preserve their heritage and culture is being taken away – obsession with Norse culture and mythology 

that they are stigmatized if they express “pride” – pride in their violent heritage leads to being branded racists and bigots

that they are being psychologically affected through the loss of self-esteem – If they can’t harm Blacks, that means they’re losers.