Alt-Right’s ‘Unite The Right’ Riot

August 12, 2017 8:24 pm

Alt-Right Rebellion Charlottesville
White Supremacist Attack Police at Alt-right Rally.

Live footage captured from @Rebelutionary_Z at the Alt-right’s “Unite the Right” Nazi/White Genocide protest.
White Supremacist have always held rallies in American, what makes this one different is that these “protesters” came armed with SHIELDS and MELEE weapons!

Not only did they come to battle and beat up counter-protesters, they attacked the police line! #staywoke👀 this is the difference between racism and white supremacy.
How many cops on that line on the low agree with alt-right violent protest?

Our thoughts go out to those peaceful protesters in the terrorist attack!



Livestreamer/Citizen Journalist:  Rebelutionary Z