Police Taser Father Holding His Baby

August 19, 2018 5:26 pm

Police Attack and Taser Father As He Is Holding His Baby!

Video shows Westland City police officers assault and arrest a man as he held his baby son.

Police showed up to a home claiming that there was a fight. However, there was no one was fighting and everyone was outside barbecuing and listening to music, peacefully.

As the video shows, several officers claim there was damaged property somewhere, but could not explain where it was. When the homeowner questions why police are there, the situation gets out of control as the cops threaten to arrest him for disorderly conduct on his own property.

Officer Scaglione with the Westland city police begins accusing the homeowner of being drunk in public. He then threatens to take the man to jail for it. However, the homeowner tell the officer that he doesn’t even drink.

Without reason or provocation, the officers then swarm the man as one of them pulls out a taser. As the man holds the baby, the cop grabs the man and presses the taser to his chest — right next to the baby — and deploys it.