Chattanooga Police Injure Black Teen’s Wrists

July 1, 2018 6:54 am

Chattanooga Police Injure Black Teen’s Wrists

Chattanooga police say body camera footage proves an officer was following the rules when arresting a Black teenage girl.

In the video, a Chattanooga #RaceSolider pulls the teen by her wrists out of the driver’s seat of her mother, Avery Gray car.  Officers arrested the teen for resisting arrest. A department spokesperson said additional charges are pending.

Gray said her daughter was sitting in the car while she was at the Hamilton County jail visiting her husband.  A tow truck pulled up to repossess her car and some officers were nearby, which led to the arrest, although the cop never said the teen was under arrest.

Chattanooga police said he followed protocol. Police said they’re not releasing the officer’s name because he and his family have received several threats.