Meet K9 Katie

September 5, 2018 8:22 pm

Meet K9 Katie

While at Bridge Street Town Centre, a White woman came up to pet a Black man’s puppies. She saw a cup sitting nearby that someone left out, and without asking his permission she put the cup to the dogs’ mouths. The brother told her not to give them that, but she tried it again. When he asked her to leave, she began arguing with him.

When security arrived, she tried to put the cup to their mouths again. Security pulled her away, and told her to leave. But she refused, as she shoved them in an attempt to get to the puppies. Then security called the police on her. The recording began at that point.

The police did not arrest her, even though they saw her disorderly conduct and knew she assaulted the security guards. Then the mall banned both of us for a year.