White Thug Stabs Black Man In Neck After Racist Video Upload!

August 23, 2018 1:57 am

White Thug Stabs Black Man In Neck After Racist Video Upload!

Joden Rocco, a white man, uploaded a video moments before the shooting on Sunday and said he was looking to see how many times he could say the N-Word before being kicked out of bars in Jersey Shore. “We’re playing a game … how many times we can say Nigger to the bartender before we get kicked out,” Rocco, 24, said in the 15-second video.
Just before 2 a.m. after he was denied entry into Tequila Cowboy, then ran into Dulane Cameron Jr. and stabbed him in the neck to death, then hid in the bushes and attempted to wave police down for a ride home.

#StayWoke The mainstream media is reporting this a just another random act of hate, no this was a premeditated racist murder! The bar Tequila Cowboy has a history of attracting racist and should be held responsible for the well being of its customers outside it’s bar. If you don’t see the similarities to what happened to Dulane Cameron Jr and Nia Wilson you need to WAKE UP!

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