Massive Racially-Charged Brawl at Water Park

July 16, 2018 9:29 pm

Massive Racially-Charged Brawl at Water Park – But Cops Make No Arrests!

Another racial scandal at a swimming pool occurred in Nashville, Tennessee, at the Wave Country water park. A brawl involving 40 people broke out between a White family and Black family.
Tyrone Holt, in an interview from his hospital room, explained how his eye socket and hand were broken in the racial melee.
“They tried to gang me, so I just started trying to defend myself. Next thing I knew, I was on the ground, kicked and punched,” Holt said.
On Monday, doctors will install a metal plate in Holt’s face to hold his skull together.
Holt said he’s disappointed that police did not press charges against his attackers.
The brawl occurred after three black girls told their parents that a white man called them racial slurs after bumping into them in the swimming pool.
Jonathan Sellers’ disagrees with that account, saying it was the black family using racial slurs.
“They had their kids throwing stuff at us, calling us white trash this and that, and all kind of craziness,” Sellers said.
The water park said they are launching an internal investigation into the brawl.