Black Teacher Attacked For Teaching White Ancestors Killed Millions

April 6, 2018 9:47 pm

Black Teacher Under Fire After Telling White Students Their Ancestors Killed Millions

A Georgia social studies teacher is facing backlash after a fiery classroom rant in which she claimed President Donald Trump was pushing for a return to segregation and accused white students of being the descendants of “European” mass murderers.

Josie Orihuela, a sixth-grade student at Hampton Middle School near Atlanta, recorded the 15-minute rant in February as her teacher Johnetta Benton gave a lesson for Black History Month.Speaking with Fox News, Orihuela said Benton started railing against the president as she turned on a video for the class to watch, arguing that Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again” slogan was a call to “try and bring back segregation.”

“He must be talking about when it was great for Europeans,” the teacher is heard saying in the recording. ” … Because when it comes to minorities, America has never been great for minorities. ‘Cuz when I examine history, I can’t remember a time when it was great for anybody other than Europeans.”

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